The anti-counterfeiting technology developed and patented by Omnisecure is based on an advanced infrared ultraviolet sensitive magneto optical material where multilevel coding are incorporated through advanced material science and engineering principles. Depending upon the level of protection, upto seven security features can be incorporated into the coding material and each coding is unique for the particular product.Coding features can be explored by low cost optical readers,magnetic readers or even with smartphones.The coding material can be applied along with the printing inks,laminates or can be incorporated into the product itself.Key advantages of the technology are..

  • Cloud based track and trace features using advanced artificial intelligence
  • Allow mobile and automated authentication of the marked products in manufacturing, in the field, in trade and in recycling industry.
  • Real time smartphone authentication by customers
  • Many printing options such as invisible bar codes, QR codes, halftone QR codes, logos, microprinting, fingerprint
  • Can be added into the product
  • Extremely stable and lasts for ever with no degradation
  • Ease of mass production
  • Upto seven level of coding features in each material
  • Biocompatible with no toxicity
  • User friendly technology


  • Level 1-Visual emission
  • Level 2-Static emission
  • Level 3-Dynamic features
  • Level 4-Material fingerprint
  • Level 5-Phase identification
  • Level 6-Magnetic feature
  • Level 7-Could based real time authentication

Omnisecure`s product authentication solution specifically addresses the problems of counterfeiting, product diversion, returns monitoring, quality control and product recalls in pharmaceuticals. Each tag is encoded with an infrared light sensitive material with specific optical and magnetic signature.The coded information can be recollected with specific optical and magnetic readers or by visual inspection as a first security check.

Omnisecure’s authentication technology is unique in that each code contains a specific spectral signature chosen from thousands of possibilities, and each code have upto six or more multiple features making the coding extremely secure. The coding can be applied as an invisible bar code, logos, printed letters, stickers and can also be added inside the products such as paints, cloth fibers, metals, ceramics, and plastics.The material will last indefinitely throughout the product’s lifecycle and can be read by Omnicecure’s infrared light,optical and magnetic readers. The outputs from the readers can confirm the genealogy of the product without needing to send it back to a central laboratory for verification. Wireless network-controlled readers can add tracking and tracing features with the central database server which enables the technology extremely secure.

Various types of magneto optic QR codes printed with proposed technology. Top left-Normal type visible QR code where the black ink contains the infrared sensitive materials which glows Red / Blue /Green under infrared excitation, Top middle-QR code printed with Red, Blue and green ink combination, Top Right-Halftone QR code. Middle from left to right-blue, green and red color emitting QR and bar codes printed with different infrared sensitive inks. Middle left-currency printed with invisible infrared QR code. Middle right-envelop printed with invisible green QR code illuminated under infrared light. Bottom left and right-product containing the tagging material, Middle-logs printed on product.